Microcom signs a multi-year contract with O3b Networks

12 Jan 2009

O3b Networks, the developer of the satellite-based global internet backbone has announced that Microcom, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s largest ISP, has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract for its Quick Start service which will allow it to provide affordable, high speed internet access to its customers.

O3b Networks, funded by Google Inc., Liberty Global, Inc. and HSBC Principal Investments, is building the world’s first ultra-low-latency, fibre-speed satellite network. The network is designed to improve internet access for the millions of consumers and businesses in emerging and developing markets. Activation is scheduled for late 2010. ‘As the largest wireless ISP in the DRC, we have successfully addressed customer access to our network; for us, the challenge is to provide a low-latency connection back to the global internet,’ said Leon Ntale, CEO at Microcom. ‘With O3b’s Quick Start service, we have access to a fibre quality service without the overhead of a fibre network. With the O3b backbone, we look forward to providing high speed internet access to the 60 million people of the DRC.’

Congo, Dem. Rep., Microcom (DRC)