Telstra offers rural presence documentation for public comment

9 Jan 2009

Australian incumbent Telstra has released its Regional and Rural Presence Plan, announcing that the documentation will be open for public comment until 20 February 2009; once the public consultation period ends the plan will be submitted to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The plan, which Telstra must produce as part of its licence conditions, details the plans for maintaining a local presence in rural, regional and remote areas of the country and Telstra has taken the opportunity to criticise the fact that it still needs to publish the report. Commenting on the publication Geoff Booth, head of Telstra Country Wide, said, ‘Telstra continues to value customers in rural, regional and remote Australia in their own right without the need for a Rural and Regional Presence Plan. Such a Plan is not required of any of the other 260 licensed carriers currently operating in Australia and is just one example of the unnecessary and costly regulation imposed solely on Telstra and not other telecommunications providers. These additional costs are ultimately borne by Telstra’s customers and are neither cost effective nor necessary.’

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