Iliad (Free) terminates Alice’s Budget Telecom contract

8 Jan 2009

French telecoms group Iliad (Free), which acquired fellow broadband provider Telecom Italia France (Alice) from its Italian parent in August 2008, says it does not intend to renew the unit’s contract with another French operator Budget Telecom. Budget’s Deputy Director General Luc Terral told Journal du Net that the contract would not be renewed when it expires in the spring of 2009. Luc Terral said that although Budget had enjoyed a partnership with Telecom Italia France since 2006 to resell its ADSL Alice service, Iliad had decided to review all its trade agreements with its various intermediaries following the takeover. He went on to say that renegotiations failed because ‘we were not sufficiently interesting for Iliad’. The Budget Telecom official added though that the firm signed an agreement with France Telecom at the end of last year to enable it to provide service continuity and that it was ‘not interested in extending the contract’ anyway.

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