Number portability on target says regulator

7 Jan 2009

Romania’s National Communications Authority (ANC) says almost 25,000 porting requests have been submitted in the two months since the implementation of number portability, with around 15,600 orders processed so far. The figures are in line with the regulator’s expectations. More than 21,000 porting requests were for mobile accounts, and operators have completed approximately 14,000 transactions. Third-placed operator Cosmote was the big winner with 5,960 users already transferred to its network with their old number. 4,167 users have migrated to market leader Orange, while second-placed Vodafone has fulfilled 3,778 porting requests, ANC says. ‘So far, an operator was allowed to port no more than 300 numbers a day. Today, we will start extending this ceiling, gradually, as required by the number of porting requests,’ ANC President Liviu Nistoran said in a statement.