Vodafone Fiji slashes call and SMS rates

6 Jan 2009

Vodafone Fiji has reduced its pre-paid voice call rates by as much as 44% in the last three months as competition heats up in the domestic mobile market following the arrival of Digicel. The Vodafone unit has cut its on-net (peak) call charges from FJD0.27 to FJD0.15 per unit, or FJD0.30 a minute from FJD0.54 previously. Off-peak rates have been trimmed from FJD0.18 a unit to FJD0.12, or FJD0.24 per minute, while text message charges have been halved to FJD0.10 per SMS. In a press statement, the company said the new charges clearly set out the benchmark to other domestic operators. ‘We have heard many claims and counter claims on who offers the best mobile rates in Fiji. We strongly believe that actions speak louder then words,’ said Aslam Khan, Vodafone Fiji managing director. ‘We already offer the best in mobile phone technology with the launch of our third generation (3.5G) network. We are the only mobile network operator to offer video calling and wireless mobile broadband,’ he added.

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