Numericable, Orange and SFR sign deal for fibre deployment in France

19 Dec 2008

France Telecom (Orange) yesterday released a press statement announcing that, following the first meeting of the Very High Speed Broadband Committee which took place at the office of the Secretary of State for the Development of the Digital Economy, Numericable, Orange and SFR signed an agreement setting out the conditions for sharing fibre-optic cables in buildings installed by any of them and examined the best way to use existing infrastructure systems. It is hoped that the agreement will enable residents in any buildings in the areas covered by the deal to choose services from amongst the three operators. The press release goes on to say that the signatories have agreed to implement a ‘single mode’ solution in zones where they currently deploy or soon plan to deploy their networks. Each residence will be equipped with a special fibre allocated to the operator chosen by the subscriber at the shared access point. The three operators have also agreed to deploy so-called ‘multi mode’ fibres in the 15th arrondissement (administrative division) of Paris and in a provincial town; a new engineering technique consisting of installing four fibres per residence so that each operator can connect to their network at the shared access point. The new agreement is open to any others operators that want to become involved.

France, Altice France (SFR), Orange Group, SFR