New national telco spreading cheaper broadband

17 Dec 2008

Ecuador’s Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CNT), the national telco recently formed by the merger of state-owned regional fixed line operators Andinatel and Pacifictel, has begun a campaign to increase fixed broadband penetration via network expansion and cheaper packages. CNT’s director Cesar Regalado announced that Fast Boy, the broadband service launched by Andinatel, which previously served northern and eastern provinces, has been launched in Guayaquil, part of the former southern and western coverage footprint of Pacifictel. In November, a reduction of 38.6% was made to the cost of DSL connections in areas served by Andinatel, and from today customers in Guayaquil will also benefit from more competitive rates, including USD18 a month for a 128kbps/64kbps (up/download), USD24.90 for 256kbps/64kbps, USD39.90 for 512kbps/128kbps, USD65 for 1Mbps/256kbps and USD107 for 2Mbps/512kbps. Currently a 256kbps/64kbps service in the city costs around USD45 to USD50, according to Regalado, who also noted that the new high speed tariffs would be expanded progressively to all other provinces. In Guayaquil, it was reported that there are currently 11,000 ADSL ports available to offer Fast Boy, and by the end of February this is expected to have been doubled.