UKE poised to cleave TP in two

16 Dec 2008

Polish telecoms watchdog UKE has taken the first steps toward dividing the country’s dominant telecoms group, Telekomunikacja Polska (TP), into stand alone retail and wholesale units, in a move which the company estimates could cost it USD250 million. If completed the split would hand the watchdog power over the wholesale arm to give TP and rivals equal access to the former monopolist’s network. ‘The decision has been made and we’re starting procedures on the way towards a functional split,’ said Anna Strezynska, the head of UKE. ‘I think (the split should occur in) 2010, but there are always some delays, so we probably should be talking about 2011,’ Strezynska said in a radio interview, adding that ‘2012 would be a lousy scenario.’

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