TeleGeography International Telecom Trends Workshop

12 Dec 2008

TeleGeography‘s annual international market trends workshop is one of PTC‘s most popular sessions. Our senior analysts will present detailed data about global voice and data traffic growth, network supply and demand, and market pricing trends. Specific topics will include:

  • Wholesale hot spots: Will traffic growth and wholesale prices support ambitious network expansion in Asia, Africa and the Middle East?
  • Internet traffic: What‘s the impact of video, P2P, and gaming on international Internet traffic? How do CDNs affect bandwidth requirements?
  • Telecom prices: How are prices for circuits and IP transit holding up? Are some product segments and regional markets stronger than others?
  • Enterprise services: Wholesale carriers around the world are pursuing enterprise customers. How is the enterprise services gold rush affecting international IP VPN and corporate private line pricing?
  • Voice: Voice is the cash cow that has supported carriers‘ expansion into new market segments. How are international voice traffic, prices, and revenues holding up? How are consumer VoIP offerings affecting the voice market?

TeleGeography International Telecom Trends Workshop

Sunday January 18, 13:30-15:30

South Pacific Room 1, Mid-Pacific Conference Center


Alan Mauldin, Director of Research

Erik Kreifeldt, Research Analyst

Stephan Beckert, Director of Research

TeleGeography‘s analysts will also be available for meetings throughout the course of PTC. To schedule a meeting, please email