Newcomer WxBR ready to launch local WiMAX service

11 Dec 2008

Brazilian wireless broadband solutions provider WxBR, which is headquartered in Campinas, Sao Paulo state, says it is ready to launch, having completed the set up of its full operating portfolio, BNamericas reports citing a statement from its president Carlos Gunter Klemz. ‘In a very short period we structured our operations in pre-sales, post-sales, industrialisation and technological partnerships and now we are fully operational with the complete WiMAX portfolio: customer premises equipment (CPE), base stations, gateways and management. We have an integrated portfolio to start in the market,’ he said.

WxBR was created six months ago by way of an initiative between the Brazilian communications ministry and the national development bank BNDES, which together form a joint venture made up of five national telecoms solutions providers and equipment manufacturers: Asga, Icatel, PadTec, Parks and Tropico. WxBR is looking to provide local WiMAX technology development, with Klemz adding that the technology WxBR is using is being developed by local telecoms research company CPqD, which is financially supported by the federal government telecoms investment fund Funttel. Klemz says that although the start-up is currently focusing on WiMAX and some Wi-Fi deployments, it could look to develop other advanced wireless broadband technologies as they emerge. WxBR is anxiously awaiting the auction of WiMAX spectrum in Brazil, which is yet to take place, in order to find out which companies intend to enter the market there.