Italy main internet hub of Africa

11 Dec 2008

According to TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography Research, Italy overtook the United Kingdom in 2008 as the top internet hub for Africa. Today, Italy is the major international internet route supporting the IP traffic generated by Africa’s users. Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group’s international carrier, is a driving force sustaining the Italian leadership in the region thanks to its network and IP service offer dedicated to the telecoms players of the Mediterranean area. ‘We are happy to see Italy gaining an increasingly important position in the intercontinental internet routing and trading flow. Furthermore, our country has historically been a natural partner for the countries of the Mediterranean basin’ said Arturo Danesi, executive vice president marketing wholesale at Sparkle. ‘Sparkle does its part successfully by offering to African carriers and ISPs a high quality, cost effective and more secure routing option for global internet connectivity through its network assets in Sicily. Palermo, the largest Sparkle’s node in the island, is recognised as the leading international internet hub of an extensive geographical area that encompasses Africa, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East’.

‘Between 2006 and 2008, international internet capacity between Africa and Italy has increased nearly six-fold,’ said TeleGeography research director Alan Mauldin. ‘Internet bandwidth between Africa and Italy now exceeds capacity between Africa and the UK, which was previously the top internet hub for African internet service providers.’

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