CMT and EC close to agreement on high speed access regulation

10 Dec 2008

Spanish news source Cinco Dias is reporting that Spanish regulator, the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), and the European Commission are close to reaching an agreement on regulation of access to Telefonica’s new high speed network. It is understood that the bodies are likely to rule that Telefonica must allow access at regulated prices to the network for services under 30Mbps. However, the Spanish incumbent will not be required to offer access to rivals for services at higher speeds. Telefonica chairman Cesar Alierta has called for regulation ‘with clear’ and ‘simple’ rules. Talks between the CMT and EC were prompted by a ruling in November 2008 by the CMT that would have allowed Telefonica to launch commercial services on its new fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network without forcing the operator to provide wholesale access to rivals at a regulated price.