Introducing: TeleGeography's Global Internet Map

5 Dec 2008

TeleGeography is proud to introduce the newest member of our family of international communications maps: The Global Internet Map. The Internet Map, which is based on data from our Global Internet Geography research, illustrates the the key Internet connections that link the countries and the five major regions of the world. Regional close-up maps detail the primary intra-regional Internet routes in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, and Africa.

Nine accompanying figures and tables present valuable data about Internet bandwidth by country, regional and global Internet capacity growth, service providers, traffic by application, wholesale IP transit pricing, and broadband user growth.

We also think it looks pretty great. Visit our website to see a larger image of the map, to order a copy, or to download a desktop wallpaper version of the map. We are offering the map at a discounted price of USD175 per map for orders received before 31 December 2008.

Visit our website to see more detailed images of the map, or to download a desktop wallpaper version.

Order via our secure website, fax us an order form, or call +1 202-741-0020 to place your order.