Swisscom forges fibre-optic marketing partnership

28 Nov 2008

Swisscom has concluded an agreement to cooperate with four ISPs in the marketing of fibre-optic offerings. In the first stage the ISPs VTX, Green, Netstream and Init7 will test Swisscom’s new fibre-optic infrastructure and offer their own services to residential customers and SMEs. The ISPs currently offer DSL packages to residential customers and SMEs. During the pilot phase, which will start at the beginning of March 2009 and will become a commercial offer in the autumn, the offering will focus on the areas in Zurich, Basel and Geneva which are already equipped with fibre-optic cabling. Swisscom plans to connect some 100,000 households to the fibre-optic network by the end of 2009.

Francis Cobbi, co-director of VTX, firmly believes in the significance of the fibre-optic network: ‘We are delighted to be taking part in this pilot. It offers us the opportunity to test tomorrow’s high-speed network in real conditions. We were already offering ADSL back in 2000, and in 2007 VTX was the first company to launch its own ADSL2+ offering following the unbundling of the last mile. It is therefore a logical step for VTX to be taking part in this important project.’

Switzerland, Swisscom