No 3G for TT&T

26 Nov 2008

Thai fixed line operator TT&T’s major shareholder Jasmine International has abandoned a plan to invest THB50 billion in 3G mobile infrastructure because it is not viable, reports the Bangkok Post. Jasmine CEO Pete Bodharamik said his firm no longer had a policy to diversify into 3G mobile services as it saw no reason for TT&T to make such a large investment for unpredictable returns. The plan had previously been put ‘on hold’ but the operator had said it still intended to apply for a 3G licence whenever they became available, now expected sometime in 2009. However, according to Jasmine, ‘Given its lack of capability against existing mobile phone operators in network infrastructure, unspecialised mobile business and marketing competition, TT&T is not in a position in the foreseeable future to operate 3G mobile services as it cannot compete with the country’s two largest mobile operators, AIS and DTAC.’ The CEO added that Jasmine might reconsider 3G if broadband subscribers reach two million. Triple T Broadband, TT&T’s online unit, expects to have around 400,000 high speed customers by the end of this year.