3G, WiMAX auctions almost certain to slip to 2009

25 Nov 2008

Despite pressure from the Mexican government, the much-delayed auctions for 3G and WiMAX spectrum look set to slip into 2009, as the country’s telecoms authorities remain silent regarding auction dates. BNamericas reports that, despite previous claims at the end of October this year by the Secretario de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) that the auction would proceed before year-end, the auctions will be delayed; a token launch is apparently under consideration for 2008, but spectrum allocation is almost certainly set to be delayed until next year. A conference between the SCT and regulator Cofetel is scheduled for 26 November, and it is expected that Cofetel president will request an update on the auction progress at that date.

Cofetel plans to auction 3G spectrum in the 1.9GHz and 1.7GHz-2.1GHz bands, and WiMAX spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.7GHz bands after gaining SCT approval back in October 2007; the auction was originally due to take place within 90 days of the approval but a change in commissioners at Cofetel delayed the process.