Sprint completes 40Gbps trial on 10Gbps cable

24 Nov 2008

Sprint Nextel has completed a trial of 40Gbps transmissions over a 9,000km transatlantic IP link between New York and Lulea in Sweden. The telco says the trial marks the first time that an OC768 40Gbps signal has been successfully transmitted over a submarine cable using a single wavelength and existing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems. The trial circuit included a 7,630km section of the TAT-14 transatlantic cable system which runs from the US to Denmark. Kathy Walker, chief information and network officer for Sprint, commented: ‘By transmitting 40Gbps over an existing 10Gbps DWDM system, we’ve demonstrated that Sprint can increase capacity for its customers while minimising additional capital and operational costs.’