Regulator’s interconnect decision causes anger

24 Nov 2008

The Romanian telecoms regulator ANC has ruled that interconnect tariffs for the country’s two largest mobile operators will be cut from 1 January 2009. Interconnect charges at Vodafone and Orange will be lowered from EUR0.0644 to EUR0.0503. Vodafone has responded angrily, saying the cut discourages competition and creates unbalances in the wireless market, with smaller rivals Cosmote, RCS&RDS and Zapp/Telemobil having the reductions to their own charges staggered over the next two years. ‘Following the completion of a new market survey, ANC proposes to impose the cost-orientation obligation on all five mobile telephony operators, and, respectively, the obligation to reduce the interconnection tariffs charged by Cosmote, Telemobil and RCS&RDS, while allowing them to apply a gradual adjustment glidepath so as not to affect their business plan,’ said Liviu Nistoran, the President of ANC.