Virgin Media boosts ADSL speeds to up to 16Mbps

20 Nov 2008

British cableco Virgin Media has launched its up to 16Mbps broadband service for its ADSL customers, doubling its previous maximum speed. The operator will offer both new and existing customers access to the higher speeds, although the higher speeds will be only available in certain areas where exchanges have been upgraded. Customers will pay an extra GBP5 (USD7.5) on top of their current package cost for the increased speed , but the upgrade will be offered free for an initial three-month period. Additionally, the service will not have a fixed-term contract, allowing customers to upgrade temporarily for busier periods. Mark Schweitzer, chief commercial officer at Virgin Media, commented, ‘We want everyone to be able to try fast broadband and experience the benefits firsthand, which is why we’ve created this double-speed broadband boost.’

United Kingdom, Virgin Media