KPN to work with Reggefiber for nationwide FTTH service

20 Nov 2008

The Netherlands’ largest telecoms group KPN is teaming up with fellow Dutch fibre-optic provider Reggefiber to roll out fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services across the country. According to online news journal Trouw, the two firms’ total investment on the project could reach EUR6-EUR7 billion (USD7.5-USD8.8 billion) over the next five to seven years. Reggefiber’s managing director Bert Nijboer is quoted as saying that the national competition authority NMa has approved the operators’ ‘Glashart’ joint venture to roll out local fibre-optic networks. The industry regulator Opta is expected to publish new regulations on the FTTH market later this week. Reggefiber has however, included a caveat saying that five years may be too ambitious a timeframe for deploying such a far-reaching network, adding that the partners also need to decide on the economic feasibility of providing coverage to 100% of the country.