eMobile founder predicting 30m new mobile lines in Japan

20 Nov 2008

Sachio Semmoto, the founder and chairman of Japanese mobile venture eMobile, says the country’s mobile sector could expand by as much as 25%, or 30 million lines, as more and more existing users sign up to a second wireless phone, MarketWatch reports. In an interview the eMobile supremo said: ‘It’s not true that the Japanese market has reached saturation … We estimate combined demand in Japan is about 30 million additional subscribers. eMobile is focusing on this growth opportunity.’ The operator launched commercial services in March 2007 and competes with domestic heavyweights NTT DoCoMo and KDDI. Although eMobile currently has fewer than a million subscribers, Semmoto claims the firm is growing quickly in a market that numbers more than 100 million users.