Orange UK slows broadband rollout; IPTV plans reconsidered

6 Nov 2008

According to Reuters, UK cellco Orange will slow down the rollout of its fixed line broadband services in the country, and plans to rethink plans for the launch of IPTV services amid high levels of competition in the market. In the broadband market it is understood that the operator will focus on improving the quality of its services, moving away from previous plans to concentrate on growing its subscriber base. Additionally, Orange has reiterated plans to build its own broadband infrastructure, rather than rent lines from incumbent BT; the cellco believes that this will allow it to generate higher profits.

Alongside the slower broadband rollout, Orange has also announced that it will review plans for the launch of its IPTV; the cellco has stated that it believes its planned offering was too similar to the service which rival BT has, BT Vision. New business models under consideration reportedly include mobile TV.

United Kingdom, EE