Aria begins WiMAX rollout

4 Nov 2008

The Italian WiMAX licensee Aria has contracted Alcatel-Lucent as the prime equipment supplier for its national 802.16e network rollout. Aria says its network will initially incorporate 130 sites in the Puglia and Veneto regions, but will eventually become one of the largest WiMAX systems in Europe. In the framework of the contract Alcatel-Lucent will act as network integrator with a wide range of services such as network planning and engineering to provide a turnkey mobile WiMAX solution, including base stations, wireless access controllers, backhaul transport microwave equipment as well as an operations and maintenance centre (OMC). ‘Our strategy is to bring broadband rapidly all over Italy, as we want to help develop economic activities, improve our citizen’s quality of life and reach underserved areas,’ said Mario Citelli, Aria’s CEO.