Ofcom hints at March 2009 for spectrum sale

3 Nov 2008

According to The Register, UK regulator Ofcom has issued another update on progress towards the sale of spectrum in the 2GHz band, stating that it expects all legal action concerning the matter to be concluded by February 2009; the sale itself would then likely take place in March that year. Challenges to the sale have come from mobile operators T-Mobile and O2, both of which have argued that any auction for spectrum should not take place until a decision is made by the regulator concerning spectrum in the 900MHz band; the cellcos claim until the fate of the latter is decided it effectively hinders them from making any bidding decision for the 2GHz auction process. Spectrum in the 900MHz band is currently limited by licence to GSM 2G technologies, but it has been mooted that the licence could be updated to include 3G or 4G.

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