EasyCall announces network rollout plan

3 Nov 2008

EasyCall Communications, a Filipino telecoms company which started life offering paging services but later migrated to internet service provision, has revealed its determination to build out a nationwide data communications network providing access ‘even in the remotest parts of the country’. According to a report in the local Business Mirror, EasyCall has approached the regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), to secure a permit to install, operate, establish and maintain the network. In its application, the company said its bid was consistent with the goals of the state’s policy of supporting broadband access initiatives in unserved or underserved areas. The proposal, which could see EasyCall paying PHP5 million (USD101,000) to finance the upgrade of its IP infrastructure and PHP2 million for a VoIP gateway, is likely to be opposed by the likes of Smart Communications, Pilipino Telephone Corp, Globe Telecom, PLDT and CruzTelco, the paper reports. Smart, Piltel and CruzTelco have similar pending applications with the NTC.