WiMAX deployments are picking up speed

30 Oct 2008

New data from TeleGeography’s WiMAX Research Service reveal that WiMAX deployments are gaining momentum around the globe.

The number of commercial WiMAX networks grew 82% between Q3 2007 and Q3 2008, from 69 to 126. This growth has been distributed around the world: the number of commercial WiMAX networks increased by 100% or more in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Growth was slowest in Central and Eastern Europe, where the pace of new network launches slowed to 38%. However, this slowdown should prove to be short-lived: while 18 operators now provide WiMAX service in the region, 22 companies are building WiMAX networks, and another ten have commenced field trials.

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TeleGeography’s WiMAX Research Service