BigAir turns to 3G

30 Oct 2008

Australian IT is reporting that wireless internet provider BigAir is planning to enter the 3G mobile broadband market within the next few months; the operator is expected to announce a wholesale deal with a 3G network provider following comments made by BigAir CEO Jason Ashton. ‘We will be announcing some alternative 3G plans for our customers shortly,’ said Mr Ashton , adding, ‘Our 3G plans will be priced competitively with the mobile carrier’s retail offerings. However, we are wholesaling the service from a mobile network so unfortunately we will not have as much flexibility as we do with our own fixed wireless offerings.’ The move comes following the rejection of BigAir’s bid to purchase the wireless broadband network of iBurst, which fell into receivership in August 2008; iBurst’s equipment is still available for sale but BigAir has claimed that, without the associated carrier licences, it is worthless.