Government pushes Cofetel to auction spectrum before end of 2008

29 Oct 2008

According to BNamericas, the Mexican government is pushing for at least one of the auctions for either WiMAX or 3G spectrum to take place by the end of 2008, citing a communication on the presidential website. The pressure comes following comments by a member of Cofetel, the country’s telecoms regulator, indicating that the auctions for both allocations of spectrum would not take place until early 2009, following a delay due to the replacement of two commissioners at the regulator. It is believed that both President Felipe Calderon and Transport Minister Luis Tellez have issued instructions to Cofetel to step up work on the auction process, and initial suggestions are that the most likely spectrum to be offered this year would be in the 1.9Mhz band for 3G services; the regulator is eventually expected to auction 3G spectrum in the 1.9GHz and 1.7GHz-2.1GHz bands, and WiMAX spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.7GHz bands.