GT claims major advances post Vodafone takeover

28 Oct 2008

Eric Bourland, the Director of Integration at Ghana Telecom-Vodafone, says the company has made great strides in the 60 days or so since the UK’s Vodafone Group acquired a 70% stake in the company. In his second monthly press conference to update the public on developments, Bourland said: ‘The company has recorded significant achievements in every area of its operations, including growing the mobile service customer base by 6% over the last 60 days of the integration.’ He went on to say that the telco’s fixed line division was also making headway – an area where Vodafone’s ability to effect a turnaround has been questioned – adding that the UK group was committed to ensuring the PSTN was equally well developed.

Echoing Bourland’s sentiments, the acting head of the operator’s mobile arm GT-OneTouch, Mr Stephen Badu, highlighted some of the developments being effected at the unit, including a 300% increase in cell site deployments, a 161% rise in in-bound revenues from international calls, a 6% net growth in the subscriber base and the introduction of new voice and data roaming destinations. Based on Mr Badu’s figure, TeleGeography estimates GT-OneTouch to have a little over 1.53 million mobile subscribers, up from an estimated 1.45 million at 30 June.

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