Maxcom, Televisa report financials

27 Oct 2008

Mexican alternative fixed line telco and broadband operator Maxcom posted a net profit of MXN10 million (USD740,000) in the third quarter, turning around a net loss of MXN8 million a year earlier, the company said in a statement, reported by BNamericas. Revenues rose 16% year-on-year to MXN717 million in the three months ended 30 September 2008, whilst EBITDA increased 23% to MXN222 million. Maxcom saw a 12% increase in total residential customers alongside a 7% rise in business users during the quarter. The customer increase included 114% growth in residential data/internet service users.

The parent of Maxcom’s broadband rival Cablevision, Mexican media giant Televisa, reported that its cable TV, internet and telephony unit increased its third–quarter operating income by 229% year-on-year, helped by the recent acqusitions of its part-owned cable subsidiary Cablemas and wireline telco Bestel, and a 23.1% rise in sales for Cablevision. Cablevision and Cablemas together boast 1.94 million cable TV subscribers. Cable broadband operations helped boost overall group revenue by 21% to MXN12.5 billion, but Televisa’s net profit fell 9.6% year-on-year to MXN2.1 billion as financing costs and currency losses offset increased sales.

Mexico, Cablemas (Izzi/Wizz), Cablevision (Izzi), Maxcom