TRA offers additional GSM-1800 spectrum

24 Oct 2008

Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued an invitation to tender for a single 15-year wireless frequency licence within the GSM-1800 ‘guard band’. The new licence will include an initial 5MHz assignment of radio spectrum (1790MHz–1795MHz) and a further 5MHz block (1795MHz–1800MHz) reserved for the successful bidder, to be requested for assignment no earlier than twelve months after the licence award and no later than 24 months from receipt of the concession. The TRA will maintain a minimum 5MHz guard band between the new licensed frequencies and existing GSM-1800 services. Bidders taking part in the upcoming third mobile licence auction in the Kingdom are eligible to submit bids for the GSM-1800 guard band, but will be disqualified from acquiring the latter if their main bid is successful. The deadline for submission of questions to the TRA regarding the new frequency offer is 13 November and the deadline for the receipt of bids is 1 December. The regulator estimates that it will announce a winner on 4 January 2009, and is scheduled to grant the licence on 5 February.