Minister announces ‘France NumErique 2012’ digital economy plan

22 Oct 2008

The French Secretary of State for the Development of Digital Economy, Eric Besson, has announced details of the government’s ‘France NumErique 2012’ policy document that he says is designed to restore growth and modernise the country. The government is proposing a raft of 154 measures under its digital economy plan including moves to give all French inhabitants broadband access by 2012, up from 54% today. Besson added that currently one to two million people are excluded from high speed internet access. Under the France NumErique 2012 plan, broadband access will be available to everyone for less than EUR35 (USD46.4) per month from 2010, Besson said. Moreover, 400 cyberbases will be created in schools over the next five years and schools which already have access will be modernised.