Biznet unveils 15Mbps service via max3 upgrade

22 Oct 2008

Indonesian broadband network operator Biznet Networks has announced a service upgrade to its retail high speed internet service max3, which it says will increase residential connection speeds from 10Mbps to 15Mbps. In a press release today the operator also announced the launch of its new ‘max3’ logo, which it claims ‘demonstrates the modern spirit of today’s lifestyles’. Biznet is a fibre-optic provider using Metro Ethernet technology. It currently provides broadband internet access in many areas of Jakarta and is targeting max3 as a home internet service offering a guaranteed fast and stable internet connection.

Biznet Networks President Director Adi Kusma said, ‘We’re very optimistic with max3’s new logo; it is a design that’s more dynamic, friendlier, younger and fresher. It is more suitable for the character of its subscribers. This max3 service not only meets the demands of internet access but has also become a part of our lifestyle. We hope that by providing a fast and affordable internet service, we can meet our subscribers’ demands and reduce the digital gap between Indonesia and developed countries.’ The max3 upgrade was officially launched by Biznet on 1 October 2008, making the residential service the fastest currently available by any operator in Indonesia. Biznet intends to continue expanding its service coverage by connecting more than 230 office buildings apartments, and shopping malls in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Surabaya. ‘One of max3’s strategies that gives it greater superiority is the improvement of its internet quality. Today, max3 internet offers a bigger quota bonus for every purchase of pre-paid vouchers during the promotion period from October to December 2008, starting from IDR250,000 (USD25) for 1,500MB quota,’ added Adi.