Orange, SFR broaden fibre-optic agreement

16 Oct 2008

In a press release, France Telecom (Orange) and SFR say they have broadened their 24 September 2008 agreement by ‘planning to implement a new engineering approach to the deployment of fibre in a significant area (the 15th arrondissement of Paris and another area to be determined outside the Paris region)’. This approach, which the pair says is open to other potentially interested operators, is founded on ‘the installation of extra fibre-optic cables in buildings being equipped by either Orange or SFR’. The statement goes on to say that these extra cables can be used by other operators. Orange and SFR’s decision follows the recommendations published by Arcep and its recent statements encouraging a large-scale trial based on so-called ‘multifibre’ mutualisation.

France, Orange Group, SFR