Freenet’s DSL sale near

16 Oct 2008

According to news agency DPA-AFX, citing sources close to the matter, the sale of German multi-service operator (MSO) Freenet’s broadband division is coming to a close. Freenet needs to make the sale to pay for its acquisition of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Debitel in July this year, and has made clear it wants to focus on mobile, particularly mobile internet and content services. Numerous German telecom operators have submitted bids for Freenet’s 1.1 million DSL customers lately, including United Internet, Versatel, Vodafone Germany, Telefonica O2 Germany, Hansenet and Deutsche Telekom. All have so far declined to comment. Freenet CEO Eckhard Spoer wants to finalise the sale, expected to raise around EUR400 million (USD543.5 million) by the end of next month.