Two million 3.5G users by 2009, Vibo predicts

13 Oct 2008

The president of Taiwanese 3G operator Vibo Telecom says that he expects Taiwan to be home to two million HSDPA users by 2009. Feng-hsiung Chang says that take-up of the 3.5G high speed wireless services is continuing to grow as data transfer speeds are improved and monthly tariffs now compare favourably to the charges for ADSL services with similar download rates. Chang told DigiTimes that there are approximately four million ADSL subscribers in Taiwan and he expects around half of these to drop their fixed broadband connection to take advantage of 3.5G wireless internet packages. Vibo Telecom has 4,500 3G base stations in operation, a proportion of which have been upgraded with HSDPA technology. The firm is in the process of deploying 1,000 new 3.5G base stations.

Taiwan, Taiwan Star (T STAR)