Rogers cancels entry-level WiMAX package

10 Oct 2008

Rogers has discontinued its entry-level pre-WiMAX Portable Internet Basic service, offered over the nationwide Inukshuk wireless broadband network it built in partnership with Bell Canada. Rogers’ Portable Internet Basic previously offered a 256kbps/64kbps (down/upload) connection for CAD24.95 (USD22.10) per month, with a 10GB monthly usage cap. The company now only offers one option, the Portable Internet High Speed package, with a 1.5Mbps/256kbps down/up connection for CAD44.95 – it previously charged CAD49.95 for the service. Monthly usage is subject to a 30GB cap, and there is a CAD29.95 activation fee. An entry-level alternative for users covered by the 2.5GHz Inukshuk network is the Bell WiMAX Unplugged 512kbps/128kbps down/uplink service, costing CAD22.95 per month (recently reduced from CAD40) with a 10GB bandwidth limit (recently upped from 2GB) and a CAD20 set-up fee. Bell advertises Unplugged coverage in 178 towns/cities across Canada, in partnership with its sister telco Bell Aliant.