Vietnam to add one more digit to fixed line numbers

7 Oct 2008

VietNamNet Bridge reports that the Ministry of Information and Communcations (MIC) has requested that another digit be added to existing fixed line numbers this month, to increase capacity. On Monday, subscribers to the incumbent Vietnam Post and Telecoms (VNPT) had their numbers prefixed with a ‘3’. Rivals Viettel, EVN Telecom, Saigon Post and Telecoms (SPT) and VTC will prefix their numbers with ‘6’, ‘2’, ‘5’ and ‘4’ respectively, starting 26 October. Another telco, the Corportation for Financing and Promoting Technology (FPT), which is expected to launch services by the end of this year, will start all its number with ‘7’.

VNPT officials said the system will accept the old numbers for the next two weeks. Most fixed line numbers in Vietnam currently have six digit numbers, apart from those in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which have seven. They added that the changes will allow an additional 80 million subscriber numbers for Hanoi and HCM City, and nearly eight million subscribers for other provinces.

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