Motorola and wi-tribe Pakistan sign WiMAX agreement

7 Oct 2008

Pakistani news source The Post is reporting that hardware vendor Motorola has inked a multi-year WiMAX deal with wi-tribe Pakistan, a joint venture between Telecom (Qtel) and Saudi Arabia’s A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO); in May 2007 the two companies completed the purchase of a 75% stake in Islamabad-based Burraq Telecom, revealing plans to offer basic broadband and VoIP services after rebranding the operator under the wi-tribe moniker. The agreement will see Motorola supply network infrastructure for WiMAX services in the 3.5GHz spectrum and a comprehensive services package to the operator, and it is understood that deployment will begin this month; commercial launch is expected in 2009. ‘WiMAX is changing the way people are connecting and is opening doors to a new world of opportunities,’ said Mohammad Sadiq, CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan. ‘We will be offering high-speed internet that is simple, affordable, and a portable alternative to fixed broadband. The Motorola WiMAX solution frees customers from the fixed line services.’

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