Ofcom may reconsider spectrum sale

2 Oct 2008

UK regulator Ofcom may rethink its plans for the so-called digital dividend in order to bring it more in line with Europe, according to the BBC; the digital dividend is the spectrum that will be freed up following the switchover from analogue to digital TV. Amidst fierce contest between broadcasters and mobile operators for the spectrum, Ofcom’s plans for the sell-off have been criticised; the issue rests on how the different parts of the spectrum are assigned, especially for the frequencies used to deliver mobile broadband. In a statement the regulator noted, ‘Several respondents to Ofcom’s consultation on the detailed design of the Digital Dividend’s cleared award have suggested that we should make the same spectrum available across Europe particularly for mobile broadband services.’ While no date has been formally announced for the regulator to make a decision, it is expected that further confirmation of its plans will be revealed before the end of the year.

United Kingdom, Ofcom