SFR unveils new logo, plans to drop neuf Cegetel brand

30 Sep 2008

French mobile and broadband operator SFR has unveiled a new logo and branding, and says it plans to begin phasing out the neuf Cegetel brand of it fixed line operation. The telco will launch an advertising campaign from 5 October with the new logo, a re-jigged red square with white lettering, depicting the tag line ‘SFR. Et le monde est a vous’ (SFR. And the world is yours). At a press conference SFR confirmed the new logo will be the sole brand of the enlarged group. A new division, SFR Business Team, is being set up to amalgamate the mobile operations of SFR with the fixed line business of neuf Cegetel, although in the short term, the neuf name will still be used to market consumer triple-play xDSL services, it said.

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