Digicel’s imminent launch sparks massive marketing campaign

30 Sep 2008

With Caribbean-based mobile operator Digicel due to launch in Fiji tomorrow, existing players have embarked on a massive marketing campaign including cut-price or even free services in a bid to steal its thunder. Digicel is looking to end the 14-year monopoly in the mobile sector enjoyed by Vodafone Fiji, but the well-established rival is not going to roll over easily and has been blanket marketing its services in recent days offering its ‘carrazy’ text promotion at half price. Local newspaper FijiLive reports that daily newspapers and TV airtime have been filled of late with adverts offering lower prices, extended promotion dates and free texts and airtime. Fixed line operator Telecom Fiji (TFL) is heavily promoting its EasyTel cordless telephone service, offering no line rentals, a talk-time promotion, decreased call rates and SMS instant messaging. Meanwhile, the MVNO Inkk Mobile is championing a talk-time offer giving customers 15 minutes of free air-time for every 5 minutes used; the offer is valid until the end of January.