Comstar upgrades in Moscow

30 Sep 2008

The Russian wireline operator Comstar UTS has increased its peak data transmission speed to 20Mbps and has completed the rollout of its STREAM high definition television (HDTV) service in Moscow. The improved download rates and the launch of HDTV services in the capital comes as part of a two-year network upgrade programme which was started in February by Comstar’s subsidiary in Moscow, MGTS. The operator is using fibre-to-the-curb technology to improve last-mile access. MGTS will offer a 20Mbps service for RUB1,000 (USD40) a month. Sergey Pridantsev, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comstar UTS, commented: ‘We can already see the first results of the ongoing modernisation of the MGTS network. We have increased the maximum data transmission speed by three times and enabled our subscribers to fully enjoy the technical possibilities of the TV sets which support the HD format. We expect to provide the access to these new services to up to 80% of Comstar subscribers in Moscow next year.’