Ofcom publishes superfast broadband proposals

24 Sep 2008

UK regulator Ofcom has published its proposals for the introduction of super-fast broadband to UK homes and businesses, claiming that its plans would remove barriers to investment and ensure competition and consumer choice in the market. ‘Fibre networks are one of the most exciting developments in communications that the UK has ever seen. Ofcom’s plan of action will encourage further investment while promoting and sustaining competition so we can all benefit,’ said Ofcom’s Ed Richards. One of the main elements of Ofcom’s proposals is to create a clearly defined regulatory environment for next generation services, including developing standards for wholesale products, allowing pricing freedom and enabling transition from copper networks to new fibre networks. The regulator has also created a superfast broadband blog which allows end-users and companies alike to comment on the proposals, with the response process set to end on 2 December; Ofcom’s plan of action also includes ongoing talks with stakeholders to ensure the ‘timely and efficient’ delivery of services. Results of the consultation are expected in early 2009.

United Kingdom, Ofcom