China Unicom to launch W-CDMA tender; China Telecom completes CDMA tender

24 Sep 2008

China Unicom is expected to open its first round of a tender for W-CDMA equipment on 26 September, industry resources report. Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and ZTE are said to be bidding. According to an unnamed person from Unicom, the company is looking to roll out more than 70,000 base stations across 200 cities in the first phase. The company plans to launch trials of W-CDMA in July 2009 and introduce the service commercially from September. Earlier, China Unicom announced it would spend RMB100 billion (USD14.71 billion) to upgrade its GSM network over the next three years. Last Tuesday Unicom shareholders approved the merger with China Netcom and the sale of its CDMA operations to China Telecom for RMB43.8 billion.

Meanwhile China Knowledge reports that China Telecom has completed a tender for a CDMA equipment worth RMB27.9 billion. The tender is for wireless CDMA equipment which will cover around 81 cities; Huawei Technologies won about 30% of the total deal to supply equiment for 20 cities; Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola and Nortel secured about 20%, 18% and 17% of the deal, covering 13, 15 and 13 cities, respectively. In addition ZTE Corp won 14% of the tender, to cover 21 cities, while Samsung won the contract for Shijiazhuang city, capital of Hebei province.

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