USF awards contract to Telenor

23 Sep 2008

Pakistan’s Universal Service Fund (USF) and Telenor have signed an agreement for the latter to provide basic telephony and data services in the Bahawalpur region, according to the Pakistan Observer. The Norwegian telco will launch services in the districts of Bahawlanagar, Bahawalpur and Rahimyar Khan, areas where there are currently no direct accesses; the deal is part of the Pakistani government’s push to increase the level of rural telecom penetration, and the USF estimates that approximately 240,000 people will benefit from the project. USF Chief Executive Officer Pervez Iftikhar also noted that the organisation will continue to finance the spread of network coverage and services to areas that have little or no service. Telenor and the USF have previously signed a similar agreement to provide services in the Malakand region.

Pakistan, Telenor Group