Hotspot use growing says iPass

23 Sep 2008

The international Wi-Fi hotspot network operator iPass says business usage of its network increased 46% in the first half of this year compared with the year-ago period. The firm’s latest Mobile Broadband Index survey, which tracks Wi-Fi usage, showed that Europe accounts for 47% of global hotspot use, ahead of North America with 45% and Asia with 6%. ‘The results of the latest Mobile Broadband Index indicate that businesspeople worldwide continue to do more work away from the office, whether they’re on a business trip, commuting, or checking e-mail at a nearby cafe or restaurant,’ said Joel Wachtler, vice-president of marketing and strategy at iPass. London remains the top city for business users of Wi-Fi, iPass reports. Airport and hotel hotspots account for the bulk of business Wi-Fi usage.