Mena Telecom WiMAX launch: ‘soon’ upgraded to ‘very soon’

18 Sep 2008

In the latest in a series of updates on its rollout and impending launch of WiMAX wireless broadband services, Bahrain’s Mena Telecom said in a press release yesterday that it has completed its 802.16e mobile WiMAX network, which it claims is the world’s first nationwide commercially-ready network of its kind with full mobile capability. Abdul Razak Jawahery, Managing Director of Mena Telecom, commented: ‘We will be offering our [WiMAX] packages to all residents and businesses Kingdom-wide, very soon. Today we have 250 ‘friendly user’ customers on the network and we have been receiving very encouraging feedback in terms of stability and quality of both the internet and telephony services.’ Mr Jawahery confirmed that the commercial nationwide launch will happen ‘by the last quarter of 2008’, adding that an assortment of WiMAX devices will be available immediately, including WiMAX PBX systems and USB dongles for laptops, whilst WiMAX-enabled mobile handsets, PDAs and personal computers would be available in the near future.

Bahrain, Mena Telecom (Menatelecom)