iBurst incentives for customers to ditch dial-up

18 Sep 2008

iBurst is running a ‘trade in your old modem’ promotion attempting to convert the 1.2 million South African dial-up internet customers to broadband services. The company is offering a ZAR200 (USD24.59) credit to new subscribers who sign up for a two year ADSL, HSDPA or wireless contract if they relinquish their dial-up modem.

iBurst CEO Thami Mtshali said, ‘Fears about the costs of broadband, technophobia in the face of the many broadband choices in the market, and a lack of understanding around the benefits of broadband,’ are the main reasons subscribers have been reluctant to switch from dial-up connections. However, he added many consumers are also unaware broadband services are available in their region.

South Africa, Rain (Multisource/WBS)