Freshtel launches cellphone VoIP service in Australia

11 Sep 2008

Following a successful trial and launch with supermarket giant Tesco in the UK, start-up Freshtel has launched commercial voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services for mobile phone users commercially in Australia, ITWire is reporting. Under the brand ‘Freshtel Mobilelink’ the service will be offered for sale directly over the company’s website, with Freshtel currently working to complete partnership agreements in both Australia and other markets; initial indications were that Freshtel would launch in Australia as a white-label offering with a retail partner, as with the Tesco service in the UK. Freshtel CEO Rhonda O’Donnell said, ‘Releasing our own retail version of the product is an important component of our go-to-market strategy for Freshtel Mobilelink; this approach enables us to get the product out into the Australian market quickly.’ The operator aims to market the service to its entire user base, claiming it has approximately 300,000 users on its network.